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Automatic Viscometer For Fuel Oil Measurements

We’ve completed installation and trainings of Viscol-10A Kinematic Viscometer installation for automatic viscosity measurements according to ASTM D445 and ISO 3104 standards. To be used for mineral and fuel oil measurements, this stand-alone kinematic viscometer automatically conducts viscosity measurements with advanced temperature control and user-friendly interface.


Viscometer Installation For Geochem Laboratory

Viscol Automatic Kinematic Viscometer installation has been completed by our partner Emphor Diagnostics Life Analytical Science to Geochem Commercial Laboratory. The unit will serve Geochem for precise and hassle-free viscosity measurements from crude to fresh oils according to ASTTM D445, ISO 3104 and other related standards.


Automatic Viscometer For Transformer Oil Measurements

Our team has successfully finalized installation and trainings of Viscol-10A Kinematic Viscometer for transformer oil measurements according to ASTM D445, ISO3104 and IP71. Viscol-10A Fully Automated Kinematic Viscometer ensures highest accuracy for kinematic viscosity measurements and eliminates deviation between operators.


MicroLab 40 All-In-One In-Service Oil Analyzer Installation

We’ve completed installation and trainings of MicroLab 40 All-in-One Lubricant Analysis System for in-service oil analysis to monitor lubricant and equipment condition on-site. MicroLab 40 combines Elemental Analysis (Wear metals, additive levels), Contamination Detection (particle count, soot, glycol, dirt, water), Oil Chemistry (total Base Number, oxidation, nitration) and Kinematic Viscosity information in single analysis all […]


ASTM D445 Viscometer Installation For Engine Oil Measurements

Viscol-10A Full Automatic Kinematic Viscometer has been installed and set to go for fuel and mineral oil viscosity measurements according to ASTM D445 and all related standards. A kinematic viscometer is of paramount importance for mineral oil manufacturers as it plays a critical role in ensuring the quality and performance of their products. Mineral oils, […]


IR Vision Pro Installation For Gasoline, Diesel and Jet Fuel Measurements

We’ve succeffully completed installation and training of MiniScan IR Vision PRO Fuel Analyzer for quick and comprehensive measurements of diesel, gasoline and jet fuel samples. MiniScan IR Vision PRO measures more than 100 fuel parameters and components for blending, quality and compliance controls with fuel specifications directly at site without any hassle. Standards: ASTM D1655, […]


Kinematic Viscometer For Paper/Pulp Measurements

Viscosity can help ascertain the quality of the paper and pulp. Different types of wood or plant fibers result in pulps with different viscosities, and these can greatly impact the properties of the final paper. A high viscosity can indicate longer or more intact fibers, which generally produce stronger paper. The viscosity of the pulp […]

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PT TeknoKlop’s Visit to Biolab

We’ve been visited by our partners PT TeknoKlop Indonesia for sales and service training on our production line of Automatic Kinematic Viscometers, RPVOT Oxidation Stability Anayzers and other products. Special thanks to Mr. Avief Nurrokhim Maryono and Mr. Syaikhoniabdur Rokhman for taking the chance to dive deep into our product portfolio, understanding the unique selling […]

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Kinematic Viscometer for Refined Oil Measurements

We’ve completed another Viscol-10A Kinematic Viscometer installation for full automatic viscosity analysis according to ASTM D445 and ISO 3104 standards. To be used for refined base oil measurements, this automatic kinematic viscometer will simplify viscosity measurements for the user with advanced automation features and user-friendly interface. Refined oils play a vital role in various industries, […]


Kinematic Viscometer For Heavy Wax Measurement

We’ve succesfully completed Viscol-10B High Temperature Kinematic Viscometer installation and trainings to Shell MDS Laboratory. Selected for heavy wax sample measurements at 130°C, Viscol-10B Kinematic Viscometer will serve for fully automated wax viscosity measurements according to ASTM D445 and ISO 3104 without any hassle and time loss.