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Microlab 40 All-In-One Oil Analyzer Installation

MicroLab 40 All-in-One Lubricant Analysis System is installed and set to go for in-service oil analysis to check lubricant quality and potential equipment failure for predictive and preventive maintenance operations. MicroLab 40 provides Elemental Analysis (Wear metals, additive levels), Contamination Detection (particle count, soot, glycol, dirt, water), Oil Chemistry (total Base Number, oxidation, nitration) and […]


In-Service Oil Analysis Training

We’ve successfully completed the kinematic viscosity, elemental detection, particle counting, water content, acidity and fuel dilution practical analysis techniques trainings for in-service oil samples. Users have been certified and ready to conduct used oil analysis with deep understanding of required actions to take incase of abnormal reports.

Training / Seminar

ML153 Comprehensive Oil Analysis System Installation

MiniLab 153, comprehensive oil analysis system is successfully set for particle count, ferrous content, kinematic viscosity, chemical and elemental detection at once, providing immediate actionable results on site.


Crude Oil Analyzers Installation

Viscol-10A Automatic Kinematic D445 viscosity VPVision vapor pressure and Clora total chlorine analyzers are successfully set for crude oil research applications.


Viscol-10P Polymer Viscometer Installation

Viscol-10P Automatic Viscometer is set for full automatic measurements of relative, specific, reduced, inherent and intrinsic viscosity values of polymer samples from -10°C to 140°C.


MicroLab Combined Oil Analysis System Installation

MicroLab all-in-one lubricant analysis system for comprehensive on-site analysis is set to check any potential equipment failure, degradation and contamination to enable immediate decision making. MicroLab offers completely automated oil analysis, cleaning and reporting, all with a push of a button.


Universal Evaporator Installation

Our Universal Evaporator is on action for water content detection of hard-to-dissolve oil samples or products containing interfering compounds that can not be introduced to the cell for Karl Fischer #titration according to ASTM D6304.