D127 Drop Melting Point Tester

Drop Melting Point of Petroleum Wax Including Petrolatum.

  1. General Details

    This test method covers the determination of the drop melting point of petroleum wax. It is used primarily for petrolatums and other microcrystalline wax.

    Drop Melting Point Apparatus, manual instrument composed by:

    • Heating device with metallic case structure painted with anti-acid products with electronic regulator and main switch.
    • Temperate glass container (jar) with 2000 ml capacity supplied with plastic cover and cork stopper with hole for holding the test tube, and thermometer holder.
    • Test tube with 25 mm outside diameter and 150 mm long with cork stopper with hole for thermometer.
  2. Standards
    • ASTM D127
    • IP 133
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