Ager-6P Fuel Oil Ageing Bath

Ager Fuel Oil Ageing Bath is 6 position dry-block with temperature control for tests according to ASTM D4870.

  1. General Details

    Ager Fuel Oil Ageing Bath is a 6 position capable dry-block bath with precise temperature control for analysis according to ASTM D4870, ISO 10307, IP 375 and IP 390 (proc. A) standards. The unit has dry aluminium block that avoids the use of oil as heating environment. Fuel Oil Ageing Bath’s dry block ensures clean and safe analysis to the operator.

    Fuel Oil Ageing Bath is being used in combination with hot filter system for analysis of total sediment amounts up to 0.40 % m/m at 100°C. Unit is supplied with condensors, stoppers and 50 ml conical flasks complete ready for analysis.

  2. Technical Information
    • Aluminium dry block
    • Digital temperaure control (100°C+/- 0.05°C)
  3. Standards & Methods
    • ASTM D4870
    • ISO 10307-1
    • ISO 10307-2
    • ISO 8217
    • IP 375
    • IP 390 (proc. A)
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