MD 331 Portable H2S Analysis System

Tüm doğal gaz numunelerinde H2S ölçümü yapabilen taşınabilir analiz sistemidir.

  1. General Details

    This system, which has a robust and simple design, performs H2S measurements using a lead acetate-based detection system that provides protection against linear and high-frequency noise and signals.


    • Weatherproof and sturdy carrying case with extension handles and wheels.
    • Internal sample preparation system.
    • Internal data recording unit.
    • 0–50 ppb – 0-100% measurement range.
    • 1.5 % accuracy, 1% repeatability.
    • Modbus connection.
    • Display up to 5 times the calibration range.
    • Dual Isolated 4-20 mA output signal.
    • Quick distress alert.
    • Total sulfur and CO2 measurement (Optional).
    • Non-interactive lead acetate sensor.
    • Tape life lasting up to 60-90 days (Longest on the market).


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