MD 331-SDS H2S & Total Sulfur Dual Stream Analyzer

Mercaptan sulfide (H2S) and total sulfur level monitoring system with tape-based measurement technology

  1. General Details

    Optionally, total sulfur measurement can also be made. Approvals: Class I, Div 2, Group A, B, C and D. The device can measure H2S from two lines simultaneously and uses band-based measurement technology that provides protection against linear and high frequency noise and signals.


    • Quick feedback thanks to Rapid Response Algorithm (RRA)
    • Instant danger alarm
    • No interaction with other components in the sample
    • Low power consumption <3 Watt
    • Tape life lasting up to 60-90 days
    • Possibility of measuring up to 5 times the calibrated range
    • Service and training opportunities in the field


    The system measures the amount of H2S and Total Sulfur in natural gas, petroleum products lines, condensate, liquids or LPG samples.

    • Natural Gas Analysis
    • Power Plant Feed Lines
    • Pipeline Monitoring and Blending
    • H2S Scavenger Systems
    • Well Monitoring
    • Acid Gas
    • Fuel Gas Monitoring
    • Biogas
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