MD Sulfur Sentry H2S Analyzer

Sensitive mercaptan sulfur determination system for laboratory applications

  1. General Details


    • It is supplied with a sampling system.
    • Rechargeable 12 volt battery does not require any external power supply for up to 24 hours. The charger is supplied with the system.
    • Quick feedback thanks to Rapid Response Algorithm (RRA)
    • No interaction with other components in the sample
    • Low power consumption <3 Watt
    • 7 days usable tape life
    • Possibility of measuring up to 5 times the calibrated range
    • Fast Delivery
    • Service and training opportunities in the field
    • I.C.E. Full compatibility with Integrated Configuration Environment software
    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Easily configurable alarm and calculation values
    • 3 Mb data storage capacity
    • Ability to show the source of the event that caused the alarm
    • Customizable RS-232 and RS-485 mapping
    • Remote Connection (optional)
    • 4-20mA signal output, alarm signal, solenoid drivers, Modbus connection and Modbus TCP communication modes

    Application Areas

    The device measures the amount of H2S in natural gas, oil lines, condensate, liquids or LPG samples.

    • Natural Gas Analysis
    • Power Plant Feed Lines
    • Pipeline Monitoring and Blending
    • H2S Scavenger Systems
    • Well Monitoring
    • Fuel Gas Monitoring
    • Biogas


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