TLB TAN Total Acid Number Analysis Kit

  1. General Details

    On-Site Test Kit for Quantifying Total Acid Number (TAN) in Industrial Oils

    Oxidation of oil, such as lubricating, hydraulic, pump, and other oils, is one main cause of mechanical malfunction. These oils can be analyzed for total acid number quickly and easily by incorporating TLB TAN (Total Acid Number) Analysis Kit in your preventive maintenance schedule. Accurate monitoring of fluids for increased acid number can reduce costly repair or replacement of equipment. Designed to be used by non-technical personnel, the kit can accurately detect acid build-up in less than 5 minutes at the job site. TLB TAN closely matches results obtained by more costly laboratory methods such as ASTM D664.

    TLB TAN (Total Acid Number) Analysis Kit contains no “F” series solvents. All premeasured reagents are non-hazardous and sealed in glass ampules for consistent, accurate results. Oil color will not interfere with the test because the colorimetric end point is carried out in the aqueous phase. The test covers the range of 0-2 TAN units (mg KOH/gram of oil) and comes complete with everything necessary to perform one test.

  2. Standards
    • ASTM D664 (Correlation)
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