DIST D-2892/5236 Combined Distillation System

Processor controlled crude oil distillation system for fully automatic operation according to ASTM D2892 (TBP) and ASTM D5236 (Potstill).

  1. General Details

    DIST D-2892/5236 Combined Distillation System is a Combination of The Following Systems:

    Both systems can operate at the same time (simultaneously) in fully automatic, uninterrupted and unattended mode. The data evaluation software provides also a combined TBP-curve for both systems.

    Compact design with control system and safety items for unattended operation. No operator intervention and no intermediate stops are required. All necessary accessories will be supplied together with the system. The unit requires water, nitrogen, compressed air and electricity. Dry ice or liquid nitrogen is required for cold traps of combined distillation system.

    Combined Distillation System enables to perform TBP and Potstill distillations of various crude samples.

    The system is equipped with a central computer, vaccum supply and thermostate system. Fraction collector is designed to serve for both distillation systems simultaneously. It also provides direct automatic distillation flow rate control.

    The fraction changes are automatically performed through cut temperatures or to avoid overfilling. Both systems are equipped with individual fraction collectors to allow simultaneous operation of both systems. The final data and the TBP-curve in wt% and vol% are printed out after reweighing the residue.

    Combined Distillation System can optionally be equipped with water removal (dehydration) including automatic phase separator. Interchangeable flasks in various sizes mounted on individual trays with rolls.

  2. Standards
    • ASTM D2892
    • ASTM D5236


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