KV80 Short-Path Evaporator

Short Path Evaporator System for the separation tests of products with high temperature sensitivity by short-path method

  1. General Details

    Short-path evaporator is apparatus for lab-scale or pilot operation. Suited for laboratory or pilot operation. The pilot operation data and experimental values can be transferred to bigger systems. The standard thin-film evaporators use PTFE rolling wiper elements. Other wiper elements are available.

    Short Path Evaporators are used for the production and processing of macro-molecular substances. Because of the thermal sensitiveness of products, this separation method is applicable. Sample to be distilled is exposed only for a very short time. to the heating substances because the film, created by the wiper, can evaporate very quickly. The residence time of medium on the heating surface is only seconds. Evaporated product has to pass a “short path” to the condenser. Condenser is located in the middle of the evaporator.

    Evaporators in borosilicate glass 3.3 are available with heat exchange areas 0.02…0.8 m².

    Stainless steel short-path evaporator can be heated to higher temperatures with more heat transfer area for higher throughputs.

  2. Technical Info
    glassMaterialborosilicate glass
    evaporatorEvaporator surface5 dm², short path
    temperaturOperating temperatureup to 250°C C
    pressureOperating pressure1.0 up to 0.001 mbar
    throughputThroughputapprox. 0.5-10 l/h
    stromversorgungMains Supply208-250 V, 50 Hz (60 Hz upon request)
    dimensionsDimensions (w x h x d) approx.1.20 x 1.80 x 0.60 m
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