MiniVap On-Line RVP Analyzer

On-Line vapor pressure (RVP, TVP and vapor/liquid ratio) analysis according to all major industry standards.

  1. General Details

    MiniVap On-Line RVP Analyzer is a process monitoring system for the determination of the vapor pressure of gasoline, crude oil, LPG and NPG. Also, the vapor-liquid ratio (LVR) of gasoline can be measured. The measuring principle is identical to the MiniVap benchtop systems.

    Up to 2 different sample streams can be connected to one single analyzer. It is the only available process vapor pressure tester that fully complies to the industry relevant ASTM standards for gasoline (ASTM D6378), crude oil (D6377) and LPG (D6897).

    The unmatched accuracy makes refineries save thousands of Dollars each day!

    The On-Line RVP Analyzer’s measuring principle is based on the triple expansion method of Grabner Instruments´ worldwide approved and accepted laboratory vapor pressure tester for gasoline and crude oil: MiniVap VPS. The US-EPA declared MiniVap the official reference instrument for the USA in 1993.

    With MiniVap On-Line RVP Analyzer, the vapor pressure of gasoline (D6378 / D5191), crude oil (D6377 / D323), liquid petroleum gas (D6897 / D1267) and the vapor-liquid ratio temperature of gasoline (D5188) can be determined. With possible connection of up to 2 different sample streams, these measurements can be performed with one single instrument.

  2. Technical Info
    Temperature range Internal operation5 to 60°C (41 to 140°F)
    Measurement temperature:20 to 60°C (68 to 140°F)
    Pressure range0 to 1000 kPa (0 to 145 psi)
    Repeatability0.3kPa (0.04psi) @ 37.8°C, 70kPa
    Reproducibility0.7kPa (0.10psi) @ 37.8°C, 70kPa
    Power requirements100/120/230/240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 110 W
    Maximum physical dimensionsW x H x D = 650 x 1380 x 400 mm (25.6 x 54.4 x 15.8 inches)
    Weight Approx. 50 kgs (110 lbs)50 kgs (110 lbs)
    Fast loop sample stream Minimum flow2 L/min, Minimum pressure (Gasoline): 50 kPa (7 psi), Minimum pressure (LPG):

    500 kPa (70 psi), Maximum pressure: 7,000 kPa (1000 psi)

    Explosion protectionExplosion proof Class 1, Type X or ATEX certified

    – EU EX Pressurized Enclosure-System (EN 60079:

    BVS 06 ATEX E 088; EN954-1 Cat. 3)

    – US EX px purge control unit (NEMA Class 1, Div 1, BCD, T6, Type X)

    Data transferData output – ASCII code and MODBUS communication protocol
  3. Standards
    • ASTM D323
    • ASTM D1267
    • ASTM D4953
    • ASTM D5191
    • ASTM D5188
    • ASTM D6377
    • ASTM D6378
    • ASTM D6897
    • EN13016-1+2
    • IP 394
    • IP 409
    • IP 481
    • JIS K2258-2
    • SHT 0769
    • SHT 0794
    • SNT 2932
    • GOST 52340
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