ROW DOM Water Quality Analysis System

Çözünmüş organik maddelerin konsantrasyon değişikliklerinin izlenmesi yolu ile suyun arıtılması erken uyarı sistemi.

  1. General Details

    Monitoring Critical Levels

    The system detects levels of dissolved organic matter.

    Concentrations of dissolved organic matter greater than 5 mg/L make water purification difficult and result in a disinfecting byproduct.

    Dissolved organic matter concentration less than 2 mg/L can be easily purified, does not create any by-products and does not change the color of the water.

    Why is monitoring dissolved organic matter important?

    Dissolved organic matter (DOM) alone does not pose a health risk, but when combined with other parameters, they can be potentially harmful.

    Dissolved organic substances react with disinfectants such as chlorine, resulting in trihalomethanes, which are potentially carcinogenic byproducts. Trihalomethanes have long-term effects on health, and this should be taken into account when chlorinating drinking water that contains high amounts of dissolved organic matter.

    Dissolved organic substances interact with organic / inorganic pollutants and some of their properties such as stability are affected and changed. Additionally, dissolved organic matter is required as the main parameter input in most pesticide models. Dissolved organic substances also provide growth for microorganisms as a food source.

    The presence of organic matter in water can cause aesthetic problems such as unpleasant taste, odor and color.


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