Viscol-20AS Dual-Bath Kinematic Viscometer

Full automatic wide range kinematic viscometer with autosampler

General Details

Viscol-20AS is a fully automated dual-bath kinematic viscometer according to ASTM D445/D446 for kinematic viscosity measurements of all newtonian type fluids. The unit is equipped with two seperate baths for measurements at 40C and 100C simultaneously and each bath has 23 position autosampler unit.

All Viscol units are equipped with latest temperature control, wide-range capillary, precise time detection and washing features to  to ensure consistent and precise results for each measurement.

Viscol-20AS Dual-Bath Kinematic Viscometer offers an unattended simultaneous operation for non-stop measurements at two different temperatures.

24/7 Non-stop Operation

Viscol-20AS is specially designed for high-throughput facilities and laboratories where large amount of viscosity measurements are requested. The unique design of the autosamplers allows users to add new samples without interrupting the system for non-stop operation.

Wide-Range Viscosity measurement

Viscol Series Kinematic viscometers are provided with proven wide-range Ubbelohde type viscometer tubes from 170 to 225 Folds to cover widest viscosity measurement without the requirement of tube replacement. Special design of the tube only requires 10-15 mL sample for measurements and up to 15 mL solvent for cleaning process.

Sensitive Temperature Control

Temperature is the main factor that effects the viscosity. Precise temperature control is crucial as ASTM D445 requires 0.02C sensitivity up to 100C. Viscol Series Kinematic Viscometers offer most precise temperature control (0.001C) to provide best measurements.

Wide Touch Screen Panel

Viscol-20AS Dual-Bath Kinematic Viscometer is a stand-alone unit without the need of an external PC for any operations. The device has 12” Wide-screen touch panel PC for all operations and reporting. The device software is devided to two sections to control each viscometer bath seperately.

Viscosoft Control and Data Evaluation Software

Viscosoft software can be used to control multiple units and to collect all results into one central location. With Viscosoft software users can add samples to the analysis list, control the operations and can get direct ready-to-print viscosity and/or viscosity index reports with unlimited results database.

Contactless Detection Technology

Specially designed detection block provides contactless and precise measurements for both light and dark color samples. Sensors, located outside the viscometer, ensure no contact with samples to avoid any possible damages by wear metal and/or contaminants. By this detection block design, sensors are always kept in their place and they are not embedded to the viscometer tube which makes much affordable tube replacements when required.

Unique Cleaning

Viscol-20AS Dual-Bath Kinematic Viscometer Units are provided with dual-solvent washing technology to ensure better cleaning and drying at different temperatures. The unique SPW nozzle washing technology seals the nozzle to the waste container to ensure no any solvent or solvent vapor can reach to the samples. Sample nozzle is also washed and dried after each sample to avoid any cross-contamination between samples.

Easy Tube Replacement

Viscol Series viscometers are provided with 170 to 225 Fold wide-range viscometer tubes. However in case of a requirement, we kept it very simple for users to replace their viscometer tubes without any service requirement. Tubes are connected with plug-in connections to the system. Users plug out the connections and remove the viscometer tube out. After the replacement connections should be plugged in to the new tube and the unit will be set to go.

Automatic Calibration

All Viscol Series Instruments are factory tested and calibrated before the delivery. But also calibration can be carried by the users at anytime through the calibration menu. After calibraton standards are placed, the device will follow the rest full automatically. After the calibration, users are notified with the new constant values.

Dual-Bath Kinematic Viscometer Features:
  • Simultaneous measurements at two different temperatures
  • Fully compliant kinematic viscosity measurements with ASTM D445 and all related standards
  • Contactless sample detection
  • Temperature range from 10°C to 120 °C
  • Wide range (170-225 Fold) viscometer tubes
  • Viscosity detection from 0,5 cSt to 25.000 cSt
  • Full automatic operation
  • Dual solvent usage as a standard
  • Automatic cleaning with low solvent consumption
  • Easy tube replacement
  • Full control from Windows based touch panel PC
  • Low bath oil and over temperature warnings
  • Small footprint

Areas of Use:
  • Mineral and base oils
  • Residual and used oils
  • Light and heavy fuels
  • Crude oil
  • Marine fuels

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Techical Info
Measurement range
0.5 cSt – 25000 cSt
Viscometer type
Temperature range
10°C to 120 °C
Temperature precision
0.001 °C
Time detection precision
0.001 s
Sample volume
10-15 mL
Data transfer
90 Kg
60 x 50 x 80 cm
Power requirement
220 VAC – 50 Hz
  • ASTM D445
  • ASTM D446
  • ISO 3104
  • ISO 3105
  • IP 71
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