CPF Catalytic Purification Filter

Deionizer “Spectr” allows to get deionized water of high purity with specific conductivity.

  1. General Details

    Catalytic purification gas filter is performed in three modifications: separately nitrogen, separately air and simultaneous purification of nitrogen and air.

    Gas Filter for Purification of Carrier-Gas Has Following Implementations:

    1. Purification of technical nitrogen from excess content of oxygen till qualification of high purity, necessary first of all for the work of ECD of any gas chromatographs, purity of nitrogen no less than 99,9995%. Volume by oxygen – no less than 5-7l. Gas filter can be used for purification of other gases from oxygen (including hydrogen). Restoration of filter catalyst is done by purging with hydrogen.
    2. Purification of air from organic impurities (content of impurities less than 0,1 ppm) при измерении массовой концентрации углеводородов в воздухе рабочей зоны и промышленных выбросах методом газовой хроматографии и для очистки воздуха от органических примесей при питании детектора. during measuring of mass concentration of hydrocarbons in working zone air and in industrial emissions by means of gas chromatography and for purification of air from organic impurities during detector feeding. Gas filter can be used for purification of other gases from hydrocarbon impurities, for example, nitrogen from hydrocarbons after nitrogen generator. Restoration of filter catalyst is done by purging with pure air.
    3. Double filter for nitrogen purification from oxygen and air purification from organic impurities.
  2. Technical Info
    • Range of temperatures — from 150 tо 700 °C. Stability of temperature maintenance in reactor zone – no more than ± 2 °C. Setting and control of temperature are done according to technical specification.
    • Preparation period before the mode start — no more than 30 min.
    • Electric power from single-phase network AC power with voltage from 187 to 242 V, frequency (50±1) Gz, work mode – continuous.
    • Power consumption no more than 300 VA.
    • Overall dimensions (width x depth x height) no more than 160x150x340 mm.
    • Mass, no more than 3,5 kg.
    Name of parameterSorbent for oxygen absorption Sorbent for hydrocarbons absorption
    Reactor volume, ml8585
    Working temperature, °C450550
    Max gas consumption, ml/min5002000
    Content of organic impurities on input/output of filter in recalculation to methane, no more than mg/m320,0/0,1
    Oxygen content on input/output of filter, no more than ppm800/5
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