Hydroscout Water Determination Kits

Determination kits for determining the total water content of mineral oils

  1. General Details

    The analyzes performed with these kits are based on the reaction of water molecules with calcium hydride to release hydrogen. Results are obtained in µg/ml. To determine the amount of water at the PPM level, it is sufficient to divide the result obtained by the density of the oil sample.

    Features and Benefits

    • Sample quantity: 5 mL
    • Measurement Range: 50 ug/mL – 10000 ug/mL
    • Matrix: Hydraulic and mineral oils, brake fluids and fuels
    • Analysis Time: 10 min.
    • Lower Measurement Limit: 50 ppm


  2. Standards
    • ASTM D2896 (Correlation)
    • ASTM D4739 (Correlation)
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