L2000 DX PCB Measurement System

PCB determination system suitable for field and laboratory use.

  1. General Details

    Thanks to the ION Electrode it contains, this system can reduce the PCB ratios of transformer oil and soil samples between 3 and 2000 ppm; For water samples, it allows determination between 10 ppb and 2000 ppm. The analysis results obtained are reflected on the device screen, along with blank measurement values and report values. Extraction verification values and dilution factors are available in the internal memory of the device, ready for use with different methods. User methods can be created with the method development menu and saved in the internal memory of the device. Analysis results can be printed via the device’s internal printer or by transferring them to the computer environment.

    Features & Benefits

    • Analyte: PCBs, Chlorinated organics
    • Matrix: Transformer Oils, Water, Surface cloths, Soil samples
    • Measurement method: Electrochemical method
    • Analysis Time: Transformer oils – 5 min. / Water and Soil samples – 10 min.
    • Measurement Limits: Oils: 3 – 2000 ppm / Soil: 3 – 2000 ppm / Water: 10 ppb – 2000 ppm


  2. Standards
    • USEPA SW-846 Method 9078
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