MiniFlash FP Vision Flash Point Analyzer

Flash point analyzer for solid and liquid samples with maximum safety.

  1. General Details

    MiniFlash FP Vision is uniquely designed flash point analyzer to determine the flash points of liquids and solids. The analyzer uses energy-controlled electric arc and measures instantaneous pressure increase inside a closed chamber. By heating the test chamber from the top, the analyzer prevents condensation of high volatile compounds and guarantees improved test results.

    The flash point analyzer determines flash point according to ASTM D6450 and ASTM D7094 standards These procedure offer the highest repeatability and an excellent correlation to the D93 Pensky-Martens method.

    Continuously Closed Cup Design

    Continuously closed cup design and small sample volume of only 1-2 ml offer maximum safety. No offensive fumes are released and little sample waste is registered. The fast thermoelectric cooling at the end of each flash point test plus the easy handling of the instrument also save expensive labor time.

    Unique design of the flash point analyzer ensures analysis for difficult applications as biodiesel or contaminated sample tests.  The analyzer includes improved methods for simulation of EN ISO 3679 and EN ISO 3680.

    The touchscreen features graphical interface without the need for special training. Device offers hassle-free communication with USB, Ethernet, LIMS, PCs with unlimited storage capacity.


    An aluminum cup with a capacity of 7 ml and containing 2 mL of sample is resting in the sample cup holder. For the test, the sample cup is lifted to the temperature controlled oven, forming the test-chamber with a metal to metal seal. A thermocouple is immersed into the sample to measure the temperature. The temperature of the oven is controlled by Peltier elements and an air cooled heat sink. The vapor is ignited by a high voltage arc inside the test-chamber. At the flash point, the pressure inside the sealed measuring chamber is increased significantly, which is detected by a built-in pressure transducer. A rotating magnet and a small magnet (8) inside the the sample cup provide stirring.

    • MINIFLASH FP Vision: For temperatures between -25°C and 120°C.
    • MINIFLASH FPH Vision: For high temperatures up to 400°C
  2. Technical Info
    Temperature Range



    FP Vision:

    • 0 to 120°C (32 to 248°F) without cooling

    • Down to -25°C (-13°F) with water cooling

    FPH Vision:

    • 10 to 400°C (50 to 752°F)

    Temperature Stability


    FP Vision: +/- 0.05°C (0.09 °F)

    FPH Vision: +/- 0.07 °C (0.13 °F)

    SampleVolume 1 ml (ASTM D6450) or 2 ml (ASTM D7094)
    Fast Sample ThroughputUp to 16 samples/hour, depending on method
    Interfaces4x USB, 2x LAN, Remote Control Remote Control via COCKPITTM Software for Vision analyzers
    Power Supply100/110/120/230/240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, max. 180W
    Dimensions(WxHxD) 253 x 368 x 277 mm (10 x 14.5 x 10.9 inch)
    Weight10.2-11.2kg (22.4-lb)
  3. Standards & Methods
    • Flash point according to ASTM D6450/SHT0768 (Flash Point by Continuously Closed Cup) and ASTM D7094 (Flash-Point by Modified Continuously Closed Cup)
    • Equivalent EN ISO 2719, excellent correlation to ASTM D56, ISO13736, IP170
    • ASTM COMMITTEE STATEMENT: “There is no statistically significant bias observed between ASTM D7094 and ASTM D93 Procedure A.”
    • Approved for diesel fuel and kerosene specifications ASTM D975, D396, D2880, D3699
    • Approved for ASTM specifications of recycled fuel and biodiesel
    • New methods for EN ISO 3679 and EN ISO 3680 simulation
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