Conostan Base Oils, Blank Oils, Internal Standards & Stabilizer

Base Oils, Blank Oils, Internal Standards & Stabilizer

  1. General Details

    Typical Base Oil and Blank Oil Properties

    20 cSt Base Oil75 cSt Base Oil
    Specific gravity (25ºC/25ºC)0.84–0.860.86–0.89
    Viscosity: 40ºC
    14-18 cSt
    3-4 cSt
    65-72 cSt
    8.1-8.7 cSt
    Pour point–7ºC (+20ºF)–15ºC (+5ºF)
    Flash point (minimum)175ºC (345ºF)215ºC (420ºF)
    Trace metals<0.10 ppm<0.15 ppm



    Base Oils
    Base oils are used for blending calibration standards for spectrometric analysis of metals in oil. Typical properties are tabled above. Note that these oils are not certified.

    Size20 cSt75 cSt
    500 ml150-020-004150-075-005
    1 gal.150-020-003150-075-004



    Blank Oils*
    Physical properties as above base oil but are supplied complete with a Certificate of Analysis including actual elemental concentration useful for blank substraction in ICP AES/MS.

    Size 20 cSt75 cSt
    100 g150-020-002150-075-003
    400 g150-020-001150-075-002
    1 gal.150-020-005
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