OL670 Cleveland Flash Point Analyzer

Petrol ürünleri, gaz yağları, akaryakıtlar, yağlayıcılar üzerinde parlama ve yanma noktası tayin sistemi

  1. General Details

    It is suitable for flash and fire point detection on substances and waste materials with a flash point above 79 °C.

    When the sample reaches the selected test temperature, the flame is automatically passed over the sample. Once the flash point is reached, detection is done by an ionization detector. For flash point determination, the sample continues to be heated until persistent flame is detected by the second PT100 probe, after which the automatic extinguisher is placed on top of the test vessel.

  2. Technical Info
    Measurement range+79°C … +400°C
    Analysis stability0.06 °C
    Analysis accuracy± 0.1 °C
    Environment requirementTemperature: Max 35°C

    Humidity: 80%

    Power220V ± 15% / 50 to 60 Hz
    115V ± 15% / 60 Hz
    Weight32 kg
    Dimensions (WxDxH)48 x 37 x 61 cm
  3. Standards
    • ASTM D92
    • DIN 51376
    • EN 22592
    • IP 36
    • ISO 2592
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